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  日本森田醫藥®的貨品現已在各大網絡銷售平台如京東, Facebook, Instagram, Google, HKTV Mall等等出售,歡迎廣大客戶隨時隨地體驗優質而有保障的購物服務。



WOODSFIELD® primarily operates its own brand products with strict quality control over production and manufacturing. Its trademarked products are authorized for manufacture in countries such as Japan, the United States, Germany, China, and Turkey. Its product line includes health supplements, personal care, medical, disinfectant, epidemic prevention, and beauty and nutrition food products. Its sales objectives are centered on providing quality, affordable, healthy, and safe products to its customers.

In addition to operating its own brand products, WOODSFIELD® also operates retail businesses. The founder of WOODSFIELD® operates several government-registered community pharmacies in Hong Kong, which are known for their affordable prices, quality, and integrity. As a result, WOODSFIELD® can purchase goods in large quantities to lower the cost of its products and make them more competitive in price, thereby directly benefiting its customers. Providing high-quality products with good value for money is the guiding principle and philosophy of WOODSFIELD®.

Moreover, WOODSFIELD® directly sources products from all over the world and sells them at affordable prices on online platforms, bringing convenience, affordability, and safety to its customers in Hong Kong, mainland China, and overseas. Although brands and manufacturers may be the same, pricing of products can vary greatly across different countries and regions. WOODSFIELD® aims to save its customers time and money by sourcing a variety of high-quality products directly from Japan and Europe and selling them on online platforms at affordable prices. Customers can easily purchase their desired products at affordable prices without the risks associated with ordering products from overseas, such as shipping time, high transportation costs, and lost goods.

WOODSFIELD®'s products are now available on major online sales platforms such as JD.com, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and HKTV Mall. Customers are welcome to experience its quality and secure shopping service anytime, anywhere.